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EmPowered Living Today with Dr. Daniel Gilbert – Holy Week – Day 5 – The Lord’s Supper

Today is Maundy Thursday and the 5th Day of Holy Week for the Christian Church!

This is a special day as Jesus institutes the Sacrament of Holy Communion for the Church!

I hope you will participate with me in celebrating The Lord’s Supper, so get some bread and grape juice.

I hope you will be blessed by the message and even more by receiving Holy Communion with me!

Thank You for watching EmPowered Living Today!

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Dr. Daniel B Gilbert

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EmPowered Living Today with Dr. Daniel Gilbert – Holy Week – Day 4

Hello Friends,

It is Day 4 of Holy Week and today on EmPowered Living Today we will be learning about a simple but profound principle that occurred during the dinner with Jesus and the disciples. You don’t want to miss the EmPowering Moment today.

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Have a blessed Holy Week!

God BLESS You,

Dr. Daniel Gilbert

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EmPowered Living Today with Dr. Daniel Gilbert – Holy Week – Day 2

As we prepare our hearts for the death of Jesus on the Cross and the glorious Resurrection to experience Jesus more during this Holy Week, watch Day 2 on EmPowered Living Today!

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God BLESS You,

Dr. Gilbert

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Lives Changed in Recent Ministry in Kenya and Other Exciting Updates


Dr. Daniel Gilbert







Dear Friends,

HAPPY RESURRECTION Weekend!  “Jesus is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!”

I cannot express my gratitude for all your prayers and support for my recent teaching and ministry trip to Siaya County and Kitale, Kenya!

God did some amazing things with the Pastors at ELIM Theological Institute.  Because of your blessings, over 60 Pastors were able to continue to be educated, equipped and empowered for ministry!

Before I share some glorious highlights, I want to give an important update on Ebenezer Children’s Home and School:

Ebenezer Children’s Home (Orphanage) and School:

New Kitchen Almost Complete – Ebenezer Children’s Home!

With everything happening during the week training pastors, there is some news with the orphanage and the Word Academy School.

The kitchen we have sponsored is almost completed!  The cost has increased due to more plumbing and electrical work that needs to be done.  And we are committed to completely finishing it.

The kitchen is already functioning and able to feed hundreds of children in need, not just the orphans at Ebenezer.

No Water at Ebenezer Children’s Home – Orphanage! Please Help!

However, there is another very important need, which has become an emergency!  The region has been in a prolonged draught, which has now dried out the water well at the orphanage and at the school!  Along with this, the 2 – 10,000 Gallon Water Tanks we supplied a couple of years ago (which collects water from the rain) have also run dry!

The orphans and the school have

They are having to truck in water that is very expensive and is NOT a long-term answer!

I am working on a plan as I write this Newsletter and will send out a detailed update this weekend!  We can make a huge difference, in not just helping with the extra cost of the water, but by bringing in a Deep Water Well Drilling Company to drill 2 water wells, 1 in the orphanage and 1 at the school!

No Water in the Well at Word Academy! Please Help!


I will be talking with the water well company this week to get the exact cost and will let you know.  So PLEASE be looking for the special request this weekend to help provide clean, plentiful water for the orphans and the students and community.

Please be praying for all the children and the people in the Siaya County area dealing with this terrible draught!  More to come!


Exciting Update from 6 Days of Training Pastors at ELIM Theological Institute:

The Pastors in Breakout Sessions studying Ephesians 5:1-2, 21-33 on Christian Marriage!

Pastor Brad and I taught on the foundations of biblical marriage, the biblical understanding of the Father-heart of God, and on New Testament Survey.  However, every time we are there, The Holy Spirit also brings forth other important issues and topics that we need to address and deal with.

Highlights of God’s Work:

Spiritual Heart Surgery by God!
God did some major heart surgery, especially with the men regarding how to love and treat their wives as Christ loves the Church! The pastors consistently indicated they had never been taught the principles of a godly, biblical marriage and that they can’t wait to implement what they have learned, ministering to their wives and children in a new way!

Dr. Gilbert Teaching at his Bible School – ELIM Theological Institute – Siaya, Kenya

However, there will be some challenges, because it is counter-cultural and they will be ridiculed, even within the church!

Will you pray for the pastors and their wives (and the female pastors and their husbands) as they begin to transform their marriages and then teach this to their members and see their churches and communities transformed?

Addressing Theological Issues Beyond Our Courses:
We dealt with a few “small issues” like the assurance of one’s salvation, church discipline and biblical interpretation and application. With major breakthroughs in understanding!

The Holy Spirit Has His Way Daily!

Worship Leader being delivered and emotionally healed!

Every day in the classes, The Holy Spirit moved in a special way. On Tuesday, as I was about to teach on God’s Way in Marriage, The Spirit clearly led me to teach on Colossians 3:1-17 about living in victory over the old nature.  Then, The Holy Spirit moved in a powerful way!

The pastors started to repent for living in the flesh and others were delivered from demonic strongholds!  It was glorious!

Healings and Prophetic Words!
Another day during the prayer and worship time, The Holy Spirit began to move in the prophetic and in healing ministry.

Pastor Jenifer’s Right Shoulder Healed! No more pain!At least 3 people were healed of back pain and problems;

At least 3 people were healed of back pain and problems;
A pastor with arthritis in her right shoulder and could not lift it without pain, was healed (see the photo); and
At least 10 leaders were emotionally healed and delivered from strong-holds and lies!

The Miracles Serving Holy Communion!

The time of sharing communion was probably one of the most powerful and meaningful in my entire life and ministry! The real presence of our Lord came into the room!  A strong breeze blew in from both the East and from the West at the same time!

People began to weep and others were full of awe at the glory of God as we served them!  All of us became overwhelmed with The Presence of Our Lord and this went on for over 1 hour!  I really can’t
describe it.

Then at the end of this special time, one of the pastors who had left earlier in the day because of a terrible headache, decided to return, but still in excruciating pain.  He was not going to receive communion, but as he was walking past me, I stopped him and asked if I could serve him communion.  As I served him, Jesus healed himHis headache immediately left him and he testified of this miracle and everyone began praising and dancing unto the Lord!

I want you all to know that, one reason all this happened, was because of your prayers and your financial partnership!  Because of you, I am able to develop my teaching materials and travel to Kenya with plans to travel to other countries, to not just educate pastors, but to really impart the love and grace of God into them and to equip and empower them to transform their communities!  THANK YOU!

Other News of Our Mission & Work:                

We Blessed 25 Students/Pastors with a New Translation of the Luo Bible
(The local language)!

We Blessed 15 New Students/Pastors with New Study Bibles









We also blessed 50 people with reading glasses (sorry the photo would not load) and we blessed the 7 members of the Leadership Team with Pastor Brad’s new commentary on 1 Thessalonians (Buy it here:


Soterian Hospital – Kitale, Kenya

After the tremendous teaching in Siaya, I flew up to Kitale, Kenya, one of the fastest growing areas in Northwestern Kenya (about 300 miles Northwest of Nairobi). I had meetings with
Dr. Ron Clark (the Pastor who married Mary Beth and me, now a full-time missionary in Kenya and has built numerous hospitals around the world), Dr. Nathan Matasi (One of the leading OB GYNs in all of Kenya) and Dr. Evan Manuthu (a leading Family and Internist Doctor).  We worked on plans to build a much-needed Critical Care Hospital in Kitale, with further plans to expand bringing health and wholeness to the people throughout Kenya!  I’ll be sharing more about this exciting expansion of our ministry in the weeks to come.

Once again, you are one of the reasons why we are making a true spiritual, physical and medical impact in Kenya and beyond!  We continue to need your support as we expand our ministry.  Just go to our Donation Button and give a special gift today!

THANK YOU for making all this happen through your faithful and continued partnership!

May God BLESS You,

Daniel B. Gilbert, Ph.D.
President – EmPowered Living International Ministries