New Season for EmPowered Living!

Daniel, Mary Beth and Maria Gilbert

Daniel, daughter Maria, & Mary Beth Gilbert Founders of EmPowered Living International Ministries



As we celebrate the Holiday Season, it is a new, exciting season for EmPowered Living International!

In October I took a step of faith and resigned from the church I had been pastoring for the past 6 years in Los Angeles to pursue our international teaching ministry!  Over the past 18 months, I have been invited to over 15 other nations to educate, equip and empower more pastors and leaders throughout Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe!  The Lord made it so clear that now was the time as the vision continues to expand.

We officially started EmPowered Living International Ministries (ELIM) 7 years ago and since then, God has continued to expand the vision, ministry and impact.

The Story:  How ELIM Was Started

In 2009 I was in South Africa with about 24 major donors for another international ministry where we were visiting the orphanages and showing them what their investments and partnerships were doing to impact the orphans and poor.

While we were in Kruger Park area (an area out in the “bush”), a couple of pastors found out I was a Professor of Theology. They pulled me aside and the following conversation took place:

“Dr. Gilbert, are you a Professor of Theology?” I said, “Well, first you can call me Daniel, and yes I have been a Professor of Theology, but I am serving now in this ministry.”

“Dr. Gilbert, we need you.

Pastors here in Africa are grateful for the Evangelists who come and save our people.

We are grateful for the ministries teaching us leadership.

We have had our hopes built up from American ministries so they video our children, our women and poor and then take what little we have (they used more graphic terms) and promise us all the financial help we need, but only to go back and raise money for their ministry, never to return or give the resources back!

But Dr. Gilbert, we don’t need leadership conferences and more promises, we need to be trained in sound theology because we will never be able to go to Bible College!

Will you come back and teach us?”

Wow, at that moment, my heart broke and I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me, “Daniel, do you want the prestige of being a ‘Visiting Professor’ at different Universities, or do you want to make an eternal impact for My Kingdom?”

From that moment, EmPowered Living International Ministries was birthed in my heart.

When I returned from South Africa, Mary Beth and I developed some teaching materials to teach weekend conferences and seminars (which you can learn more about at, but this desire to go to the “bush” in underdeveloped nations, as well as developed nations to educate, equip and empower pastors with sound theology to transform communities continued to grow.

ELIM’s Accomplishments

In the summer of 2012, I took 8 members of the church I was pastoring to Siaya County, about 280 miles West of Nairobi, and I taught 24 pastors two intense courses, “The Power of the Blood” and “How to Study the Bible”!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class August 2015!

It was not only life-changing for me, but for these pastors.

Following that trip, I committed to train these men and women at least 2 times a year, as long as my church allowed me and we partnered with an orphanage.

The New Kitchen at Ebenezer Children's Home!

The New Kitchen at Ebenezer Children’s Home!

Ebenezer Children in their New Kitchen!

Ebenezer Children in their New Kitchen!

Well, I want to share just a few of the things we have done since our small beginning: EmPowered Living has started a Bible School, now with 110 pastors, provided almost 100 Study Bibles, and 7 laptops for the leadership. We have built a kitchen for the orphanage, Ebenezer Children’s Home, supplied two 10,000 Gallon water tanks and a new water pump for a well at the orphanage, put in the first of many planned water wells, and help feed over 300 children and families!

All of this has happened because of many partners like you helping with these projects!

The Opportunity

Worshiping in Class at ELIM Theological Institute in Siaya County, Kenya

Worshiping in Class at ELIM Theological Institute in Siaya County, Kenya

As our ministry in Siaya, Kenya continues to grow and be established, I have been invited to over 15 other nations to educate, equip and empower more

pastors and leaders throughout Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe!


In addition, I am in the middle of producing a “EmPowered Living Radio with Dr. Daniel Gilbert” program that will begin airing on Voice of Hope Africa Radio, which will cover 75% of the Continent!

Along with this, we need to produce more teaching materials by filming my and Mary Beth’s seminars and courses!

The Big 5 Book Cover

The Big 5 Book Cover

And in early 2017, my first book, The Big 5: Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know!, is coming out!

I am looking forward to expanding my role in pastoring the pastors in these developing nations and beyond by equipping them and other leaders who have absolutely no opportunity to attend a Bible College or Seminary.

So, we are taking “Seminary” to those who can’t afford to go!

Approximately 85% of all pastors in the world have zero Bible or theological training and don’t have the opportunity to get it!

Also, there is 1 trained pastor, with at least a Bible College degree, for every 250 people in America!

But there is only 1 trained pastor for every 450,000 people in the rest of the world!

The needs and opportunities are so great!

Our Need

For us to fulfill this expanding vision and ministry we need a team of partners, like you, to help us have an eternal impact on pastors, their congregations, the orphans and the most needy people in the world!

In light of my resignation from the church and taking this step of faith, I will need to raise my own support.

In addition, over the past 7 years, we have only raised support for particular projects and for the Pastor’s training and our travel.

Going forward to accomplish all the humanitarian and educational goals, and to establish EmPowered Living, our entire budget for 2017 is $468,950. We need to raise the first quarter of that by the December 31, 2016!

Your Help & Partnership

Friend, will you join Mary Beth and me on this exciting adventure by becoming a monthly partner to empower lives in Africa and other underdeveloped Nations?

Dr. Gilbert at Voice of Hope Radio Preparing for His new "EmPowered Living Radio with Dr. Gilbert" program!

Dr. Gilbert at Voice of Hope Radio Studio Preparing for His New Radio Program!

“EmPowered Living Radio with Dr. Gilbert” program

With your partnership, we will be able to potentially touch 91,000,000 Africans through our new radio program; 100,000 people through training 1,000 pastors in Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

We will also give fresh water to approximately 10,000 people through new water wells; help feed at least 300 orphans and poor children daily through Ebenezer Children’s Home and School, and provide life-changing medical help to those in desperate need.

Your monthly gift will go a long way in bringing life to those who need it most! We cannot do this without you!

As we come to the end of 2016, will you partner with Mary Beth and me and have an eternal impact in some of the most needy places in the world?

Your gift now will assure us that we will be able to fulfill our commitments to the pastors in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

Gifts can be made by check, online or through Debit Card or Bank giving (done online at our secure website).

  • Checks may be made out to EmPowered Living International Ministries. An envelope & Partner Card are enclosed for your convenience.
  • Online Donations can be made via at on our secure website.

God’s Glory: Thank you in advance for your gift and partnership with us! Your donations will go a long way in bringing renewed hope, joy, health, and strength to the orphans, women, pastors and leaders in Africa and the other nations of the world.

May God BLESS you!

Daniel and Mary Beth Gilbert

P.S.  Your support now will help us touch orphans, train pastors, help communities and reach thousands for Christ!

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