“Everything Gone!”



This is the Text Message I received last night from Pastor Paul Tawo, my Administrator of my Bible School, ELIM Theological Institute in Siaya, Kenya!

Pastor Paul lost his wife 2 years ago to cancer and he is raising his three (3) young daughters alone and now he has lost everything in a fire!

Pastor Paul and Family in Front of Home with Me in 2014 (His Wife Passed Away in 2015)

The House Still Burning – There is no water or fire department!










Pastor Paul in Front of His Burnt Home!

Everything Destroyed! PLEASE HELP!


Pastor Paul and his three girls have literally lost everything they owned:

– All their Clothes; School uniforms; Suits; shoes, etc.

– Books and toys

– Cooking supplies

– Pastor Paul’s Study Bible and Small Library for the School

– Photos and Dreams

There is no home owner’s insurance and there is no government help, only the help from people like you!

Dear Friend, will you give your best Emergency Gift for Pastor Paul and his 3 daughters today

We need to raise at least $10,000 in the next week for their immediate needs!

We want to bless them with all the living needs we can and with a better home!

Please give your best by going to our secure donation page:

And in the Comment Box put “Emergency Fire Fund for Pastor Tawo”

Again, their needs are immediate and as funds come in, they will be wired over quickly to help with their immediate and long-term needs.

THANK YOU for your help right away for this precious family in Siaya, Kenya!

May God Richly BLESS You,




Dr. Daniel and Mary Beth Gilbert

P.S.  Your Special Gift Now will make an Immediate Difference in the Pastor Paul’s and His 3 Daughter’s Lives – Thank You!

God is Moving in Siaya County, Kenya

Day 5 – Siaya, Kenya – Pastor’s Training!

Dr. Gilbert Teaching on Living in Victory over Old Nature & the Flesh! from Colossians 3:1-17

Opak Ruoth! (Praise the Lord!)
Although we have had some internet issues the last 2 days, I praise God by what He is doing in our classes!
As mentioned in my previous FB post, God did some amazing things on Monday the 27th!
The first part of our morning The Holy Spirit moved in power with words for the pastors and students:
Psalm 147:11; Isaiah 40:27-31; Zephaniah 3:17; Luke 10:17-21; Romans 14:17
I encourage you to read these passages and see what The Lord shows you!
The summary of that time of over 1 hour in words, praise and ministry was how God, the Father, delights in them and rejoices over them and wants to fill them with the joy of The Holy Spirit!
Then Pastor Brad Abley went right into teaching on The Father Heart of God, which the pastors know that God is Father, but they don’t fully understand what it means to them personally or practically.
One pastor said, “God is stretching us to know Him more and His revelation to us!”
Then I finished the day off teaching New Testament Survey, beginning with the background of the times and how the historical context is vital to understand to be able to have a fuller understanding of the New Testament.
Pastor Brad has brought with him about 50 reading glasses for those who needed them and the pastors were so blessed!

Praying for Healing for Eunice’s Back

Day 6 – Tuesday, the 28th, God started out by healing the back of one of the Pastor’s wives!

Dr. Gilbert Teaching on Our Position in Christ

Then I was led to teach on Colossians 3 and the victory we have over the old nature and our position in Christ!
There were

Dr. Gilbert Teaching on Colossians 3

some amazing breakthroughs with the pastors coming to a new understanding of what it means to be “In Christ” and how to overcome bad habits or issues that keeps them down! I can’t put into words what The Lord did in our lives. I hope to interview a few pastors, which I’ll share on this site when I return.

Then Pastor Brad finished the day by teaching the New Testament Survey and

Pastor Brad Teaching on New Testament Survey

then we did some Q & A.

We continue to covet your prayers and support.
God BLESS You,
Dr. Daniel B Gilbert

Dr. Gilbert’s Book, “The Big 5” Coming Out in March!

Exciting News!
The Big 5! Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know by Dr. Daniel Gilbert has been sent to the publisher and will be out in March!

Yes, I just finished the final edits on my first book, The Big 5.

At this time, it’s with a Hybrid publisher and we are setting up a “” website (like GoFundMe) to give anyone the opportunity to help promote it and get the word out. (I’ll be sending more info out on this book in a few days).

Read what Pastor Brad Abley writes about my book, The Big 5:

The Big 5 by Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D. – What a timely book! What a needed book! And who better to write it than my friend, Dr. Daniel Gilbert? Why do I say that? I have at least three reasons: First, because few people I know of have a greater heart for God’s people than Danny (as I’ve known him, since 1988); his heart for you, the reader, will come through in this book.

Second, Danny is an outstanding, reverent and accurate teacher of God’s Word; you’ll want to read, learn and grow in your faith from an author and teacher like him. And third, Danny’s timing for this book is remarkable; he correctly sees a gaping hole in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed, now – and he does a marvelous job doing that with The Big 5. My prayer is that many will read The Big 5 and adopt what he expertly communicates in it. Please share this with others!”

-Brad Matthew Abley, M.Div.
Pastor, Author & Religious Broadcaster

Another Exciting Announcement will be posted this Weekend! Be watching!


soli deo gloria

A Step of Faith!

Daniel, Mary Beth and Maria Gilbert

Daniel, daughter Maria, & Mary Beth Gilbert Founders of EmPowered Living International Ministries


In October I took a step of faith and resigned from the church I have been pastoring in Los Angeles to pursue our international teaching ministry!

As you may know, we started EmPowered Living International Ministries (ELIM) 7 years ago and since then, God has continued to expand the vision, ministry and impact.

The Story:  How ELIM Was Started

In 2009 I was in South Africa with about 24 major donors for another international ministry where we were visiting the orphanages and showing them what their investments and partnerships were doing to impact the orphans and poor.

While we were in Kruger Park area (an area out in the “bush”), a couple of pastors found out I was a Professor of Theology. They pulled me aside and the following conversation took place:

“Dr. Gilbert, are you a Professor of Theology?” I said, “Well, first you can call me Daniel, and yes I have been a Professor of Theology, but I am serving now in this ministry.”

“Dr. Gilbert, we need you.

Pastors here in Africa are grateful for the Evangelists who come and save our people.

We are grateful for the ministries teaching us leadership.

We have had our hopes built up from American ministries so they video our children, our women and poor and then take what little we have (they used more graphic terms) and promise us all the financial help we need, but only to go back and raise money for their ministry, never to return or give the resources back!

But Dr. Gilbert, we don’t need leadership conferences and more promises, we need to be trained in sound theology because we will never be able to go to Bible College!

Will you come back and teach us?”

Wow, at that moment, my heart broke and I sensed the Holy Spirit speak to me, “Daniel, do you want the prestige of being a ‘Visiting Professor’ at different Universities, or do you want to make an eternal impact for My Kingdom?”

From that moment, EmPowered Living International Ministries was birthed in my heart.

When I returned from South Africa, Mary Beth and I developed some teaching materials to teach weekend conferences and seminars (which you can learn more about at, but this desire to go to the “bush” in underdeveloped nations, as well as developed nations to educate, equip and empower pastors with sound theology to transform communities continued to grow.

ELIM’s Accomplishments

In the summer of 2012, I took 8 members of the church I was pastoring to Siaya County, about 280 miles West of Nairobi, and I taught 24 pastors two intense courses, “The Power of the Blood” and “How to Study the Bible”!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class August 2015!

It was not only life-changing for me, but for these pastors.

Following that trip, I committed to train these men and women at least 2 times a year, as long as my church allowed me and we partnered with an orphanage.

The New Kitchen at Ebenezer Children's Home!

The New Kitchen at Ebenezer Children’s Home!


Ebenezer Children in their New Kitchen!

Ebenezer Children in their New Kitchen!

Well, I want to share just a few of the things we have done since our small beginning: EmPowered Living has started a Bible School, now with 110 pastors, provided almost 100 Study Bibles, and 7 laptops for the leadership. We have built a kitchen for the orphanage, Ebenezer Children’s Home, supplied two 10,000 Gallon water tanks and a new water pump for a well at the orphanage, put in the first of many planned water wells, and help feed over 300 children and families!

All of this has happened because of many partners like you helping with these projects!

The Opportunity

Over the past 18 months, I have been invited to over 15 other nations to educate, equip and empower more pastors and leaders throughout Africa, Central Asia, South East Asia and Eastern Europe!

In addition, I am in the middle of producing a “EmPowered Living Radio with Dr. Daniel Gilbert” program that will begin airing on Voice of Hope Africa Radio, which will cover 75% of the Continent!

Along with this, we need to produce more teaching materials by filming my and Mary Beth’s seminars and courses!

And in early 2017, my first book, The Big 5: Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know!, is coming out!

I am looking forward to expanding my role in pastoring the pastors in these developing nations and beyond by equipping them and other leaders who have absolutely no opportunity to attend a Bible College or Seminary.

So, we are taking “Seminary” to those who can’t afford to go!

Approximately 85% of all pastors in the world have zero Bible or theological training and don’t have the opportunity to get it!

Also, there is 1 trained pastor, with at least a Bible College degree, for every 250 people in America!

But there is only 1 trained pastor for every 450,000 people in the rest of the world!

The needs and opportunities are so great!

Our Need

For us to fulfill this expanding vision and ministry we need a team of partners, like you, to help us have an eternal impact on pastors, their congregations, the orphans and the most needy people in the world!

In light of my resignation from the church and taking this step of faith, I will need to raise my own support.

In addition, over the past 7 years, we have only raised support for particular projects and for the Pastor’s training and our travel.

Going forward to accomplish all the humanitarian and educational goals, and to establish EmPowered Living, our entire budget for 2017 is $468,950. We need to raise the first quarter of that by the December 31, 2016, ($118,000)!

Your Help & Partnership

Friend, will you join Mary Beth and me on this exciting adventure by becoming a monthly partner to empower lives in Africa and other underdeveloped Nations?

Dr. Gilbert at Voice of Hope Radio Preparing for His New Radio Program!

Dr. Gilbert at Voice of Hope Radio Preparing for His New Radio Program!

With your partnership, we will be able to potentially touch 91,000,000 Africans through our new radio program; 100,000 people through training 1,000 pastors in Africa, Southeast Asia, China, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

We will also give fresh water to approximately 10,000 people through new water wells; help feed at least 300 orphans and poor children daily through Ebenezer Children’s Home and School, and provide life-changing medical help to those in desperate need.

Your monthly gift will go a long way in bringing life to those who need it most! We cannot do this without you!

As we come to the end of 2016, will you partner with Mary Beth and me and have an eternal impact in some of the most needy places in the world?

Your gift now will assure us that we will be able to fulfill our commitments to the pastors in Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Your gifts are tax-deductible.

Gifts can be made by check, online or through Debit Card or Bank giving (done online at our secure website).

  • Checks may be made out to EmPowered Living International Ministries. An envelope & Partner Card are enclosed for your convenience.
  • Online Donations can be made via at on our secure website.

God’s Glory: Thank you in advance for your gift and partnership with us! Your donations will go a long way in bringing renewed hope, joy, health, and strength to the orphans, women, pastors and leaders in Africa and the other nations of the world.

May God BLESS you!

Daniel and Mary Beth Gilbert

P.S.  Your support now will help us touch orphans, train pastors, help communities and reach thousands for Christ!

New Kitchen Almost Complete for Ebenezer Children’s Home! SPECIAL UPDATE!

Hold the Press!  Major Donor has offered a Major Matching Gift Challenge of Up to $4000.00!

Thanks to a special couple to EmPowered Living, a $4000.00 Matching Gift Challenge has been given to us to help us complete the kitchen sooner!  Every dollar given to the new kitchen will be matched up to $4000.00!  That means, if you give $50.00 for the kitchen, then this couple will match it with another $50.00 to make $100.00 all the way up to $4000.00, which would bring it to $8000.00!

Please donate now!  We have until July 15th to double your gift!  Just go to the Secure DONATE NOW Button and mark, Kitchen and every dollar given will be doubled!

Please give a special gift to make a life-changing difference!

THANK YOU for making this happen for the children in Siaya!

The new kitchen for Ebenezer Children’s Home is almost complete! The old kitchen is finally demolished!

Thanks to the generous gifts of our partners, the contractors are hard at work to complete the construction of the new kitchen Dr. Gilbert and EmPowered Living International Ministries committed to build! Dr. Gilbert is so humbled by the support from his partners to make a life-changing difference in the orphan’s lives at Ebenezer Children’s Home!

Pastor Paul O’Chieng, the Director of Ebenezer Children’s Home and African Word Ministries and Academy can’t thank the partners of EmPowered Living enough for their generous gifts to help make this happen.

Pastor Paul states, “Our children and other needy students at Word Academy will be so blessed when this new kitchen is completed and we will be able to feed more children in a better and safe kitchen! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

The construction of the building is almost complete, but Dr. Gilbert say, “Now we only need $5,800 more for the cooking stove, counters and other necessary items to be able to feed all the orphans at Ebenezer Children’s Home and the Word Academy students! We are so close to completing this life-changing project!

To see the progress in more photos go to Dr. Gilbert’s blog on the “Blog Tab” on

Dr. Gilbert also said, “We are so blessed with wonderful partners who have been helping us not just with this huge project for Ebenezer Children’s Home, but also with our ELIM Theological Institute in educating over 80 pastors in Bible, Doctrine and Pastoral Leadership. We are so, very THANKFUL, and could not do this eternal work without them!”

If you want to help complete the kitchen, you can click on the secure “Donate Now” Button. Your online gift will help the children can eat, hot, healthy meals sooner!

THANK YOU for your help in making this dream project come true.

Mary Beth Gilbert

See all the updated photos at

Dr. Gilbert & Pastor Abley Returning to Kenya – February 25, 2016!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class!

Over 70 Pastors & Spouses on the last day of class!

In just 10 days, on Wednesday, 24 February 2016, Dr. Gilbert and his Teaching Associate, Pastor Brad Abley, will be returning to Siaya County, Kenya!  Dr. Gilbert has founded ELIM Theological Institute in Siaya County to educate, equip and empower local pastors in sound theology in the power of the Holy Spirit!  This will be Dr. Gilbert’s seventh trip and Pastor Abley’s fifth trip to build up the local churches.

In addition, EmPowered Living International Ministries (ELIM) will be visiting Ebenezer Children’s Home and School to help with the orphanage.  He also will be meeting with 20 High School orphans that his church, St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, sponsors to get an update on how they are doing in their studies and what they hope to do in the next year.  Being able to help so many children and youth, along with helping the local pastors in extremely rewarding and life-changing!

5 Orphans at Ebenezer Children's Home



EmPowered Living and Dr. Gilbert are only able to make a difference and impact this part of the world due to the generous partners.  Dr. Gilbert and the ministry is still in need of support to be able to accomplish their goals on this trip.  Will you consider giving a special donation to help Dr. Gilbert impact the orphans and pastors?  You can give your special gift by clicking on the secure “DONATE” button on the website!  Your gift will go a long way in changing lives for the glory of God.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

God BLESS You!

Listening to a Question from a Pastor

Listening to a Question from a Pastor


12 Days Before Departure & You Can Help!

In only 12 Days, Dr. Gilbert and His Team, partnering with St. Stephen Presbyterian Church, will be departing for their next Big Mission to Siaya County, Kenya!

Educate Pastors

Dr. Gilbert and Pastor Brad Abley will continue to teach 50 local Pastors at ELIM Theological Institute.  Dr. Gilbert will be teaching the course, “Christology:  Understanding the Person and Work of Jesus Christ”, while Pastor Brad will be teaching two intensive courses, “Pastoral Leadership” and “Preparing to Preach”.  It is going to be a dynamic time equipping these saints!


Mary Beth Gilbert speaking at a women’s event.

New Ministry Offered:  Mary Beth Gilbert will be offering a 3-Day Women’s Conference, “Cherished By God!”  It will be a life-changing conference!  Linda Matthies, one of the elders of Dr. Gilbert’s church, St. Stephen Presbyterian, will be attending and helping Mary Beth at the conference and also speak on “How to Build Your Business” for women who have a small business!

 (Mary Beth Gilbert is available to speak at your church or women retreats – so if you are interested, please contact her at:

A few Orphans in the Dining/Study Hall - a New floor is needed.

A few Orphans in the Dining/Study Hall – a New floor is needed.

Other members of the Team, Tom Cornette, a member of St. Stephen Presbyterian, will be helping put in a new tile floor for the Dining and Study Hall for the orphans at Ebenezer Children’s Home.  He also will help with other projects that are needed.  Maria Gilbert, the Gilbert’s daughter, will be helping teach and play with the orphans and serve where needed.  And John Jacoby, EmPowered Living’s Mission Coordinator, will be helping keep things running smoothly as well as be the official photographer and videographer.  He also will be helping with his wife, Peres Jacoby, who is the current manager of the orphanage, Ebenezer Children’s Home.


Regarding this current mission trip, Dr. Gilbert stated,

“I believe this is going to be one of the most impactful trip EmPowered Living will have since going to Kenya!  Because of the dynamic team that is coming, the projects we are committed to building, the ministry to the orphans, the life-changing women’s conference and transforming education of the pastors.  But for us to be able to accomplish all God has for us to be a blessing, we still need $15,000!  And I know through the love of all the people who believe in our mission, God is going bring in all that we need.  Thank You Partners!”

Dr. Gilbert and the Team continue to meet to pray and plan for this exciting adventure.  They continue to need your prayers and support.  If you would like to donate to this mission, please click the DONATE button on the main page.

The Gilberts & The Team Purchase Tickets!

Today, Airline tickets were purchased for the next ministry trip to Siaya, Kenya and there is excitement in the air!

Dr. Gilbert, his wife, Mary Beth and their daughter, Maria will be traveling to Siaya, Kenya in July, along with 5 others on their Mission Team!

The Team will be focused on 5 key projects for this trip:

A few Orphans in the Dining/Study Hall - a New floor is needed.

A few Orphans in the Dining/Study Hall – a New floor is needed.

1.  New Floor for the Dining Room & Study Hall for Ebenezer Children’s Home

2. New Stove and Kitchen for Ebenezer Children’s Home

The current Kitchen - Plans for the New Kitchen are ready!

The current Kitchen – Plans for the New Kitchen are ready!

3. Continuing Education for 50 Local Pastors

4.  Regional Woman’s Conference, put on by Mary Beth

5.  Special Ministry to the orphans and other children

To be able to accomplish these 5 Projects EmPowered Living needs to raise $30,000!  Just as the funds for the tickets have been given, so Dr. Gilbert believes, in faith, God will touch hundreds of individuals to give special gifts for this life-changing mission trip.

Maybe, as you read this, you feel led to give a special gift.  If so, you can donate through the special DONATE tab.

In a recent discussion on this current trip, Dr. Gilbert stated, “This next ministry trip with the Team is going to have the greatest impact in the Siaya County region, we have seen yet!  And it is only by the wonderful partners that we will be able to have this impact.”

Will you prayerfully consider helping meet the needs of the orphans at Ebenezer Children’s Home and blessing the women and pastors with life-changing teachings and materials?

God is doing some amazing things in Africa and the ministry of EmPowered Living International and St. Stephen Presbyterian Church are just a small part of what He is doing, yet it is an important part.

Keep a look out for more updates as Dr. Gilbert and the Team prepare for this next ministry trip.



View More:

Some Orphans of Ebenezer Children's Home

Some Orphans of Ebenezer Children’s Home

Dr. Daniel Gilbert is returning to Siaya, Kenya at the end of July with a Special Team:  His wife, Mary Beth and their daughter, Maria, along with Pastor Brad Abley, John Jacoby and several others from St. Stephen Presbyterian Church and other friends!

There are 4 Major Projects for this trip:

1.  New Floor for the Dining Room & Study Hall for Ebenezer Children’s Home

2. New Stove and Kitchen for Ebenezer Children’s Home

3. Continuing Education for 50 Local Pastors

4.  Regional Woman’s Conference, put on by Mary Beth

To be able to accomplish these 4 Projects EmPowered Living needs to raise $30,000!

Will you prayerfully consider helping meet the needs of the orphans at Ebenezer Children’s Home and blessing the women and pastors with life-changing teachings and materials?

Your gift will go a long way in bring hope, joy, health and strength to the orphans and people in Siaya County, Kenya!

If you are interested in more information about the trip, we still have room for 3 more people to travel with the Gilberts.  Just email Dr. Gilbert at:


Ready to Depart

Dearest Friends and Partners,

Thank you for making this trip one of the best we have had! Pastor Brad and I are waiting to board our flight to Amsterdam as we plan to return to the States.

What a tremendous trip! I look forward to sharing with many of you all the Lord did in us and through us. I can’t wait to get back to church and preach Sunday, which is going to be a special day celebrating our Preschool Teachers and the children. I am being refreshed, renewed and stoked to move forward for the Glory of God!

Please continue to pray for the final flights home. I am stopping in Atlanta for 2 days to visit my family and celebrate my father’s 80th Birthday! What a wonderful way to end this special time of ministry, ministering to my godly father.

Thank you again for your continued prayers.

Asante sana (Thank You Very Much – Swahili)

God BLESS You,

Daniel Gilbert


Day 8 in Siaya, Kenya

Dear Friends and Partners of the Ministry,

Opak Ruoth (Praise the LORD! in Luo)

Today was the last day of class for our pastors. What a tremendous day and week of teaching! Today we continued to teach on 1 Corinthians 14 and on the Trinity and the misunderstandings of the Trinity.

These pastors and spiritual leaders are so hungry to learn and grow in the knowledge of the Word of God and grow stronger in sound doctrine. It’s amazing when men and women who have never been taught the basics in doctrine discover it and are truly changed!

Pastor Mark said, “As we learn and implement these teachings on the Essentials of the Faith, they will have a great impact in our churches and this country!”

Pastor Victor said, “What we have been learning this week and in the previous teachings are not only changing our lives, but they are changing the surrounding areas!”

Another pastor said, “We know that these teachings on The Essentials of the Faith are not being taught anywhere in this region. Now we must use them wisely to build the church.”

Once again, the LORD moved in some special ways throughout the entire day. After lunch the leadership team made a presentation, which Pastor Brad Abley and I were not expecting. They all blessed us with a couple of special gifts, a beautiful Kenyan shirt and a “Bless This House” display.

Brad received a very bright shirt with a similar display. We were so humbled by their love and gifts. After they presented the gifts, they all blessed us with a celebration song! I’ll have to post the video when I return.

After this special time, we had about 1 hour of Q & A and then we closed with a special time of prayer for healing and prophetic words for everyone. We didn’t finish up until about 6:00 pm. As they left, we blessed each pastor with a Stipend (1 week’s worth of income)! All because of your generosity! You don’t know how this blesses them and their families!

What a glorious day and week. After everyone left, the leadership team met with Brad and me to do an overview and share what God did for the week and how we can improve. Well, all I can say is God is doing something major in this area through these men and women of God. I’ll be writing a detailed summary over the next few days, which I believe will truly bless you.

To all our Partners, this could not happen without your generosity and love! The pastors THANK YOU! To St. Stephen Presbyterian Church for praying and for partnering with me to extend our influence, THANK YOU!

It has been an amazing week. Opak Ruoth! Praise the LORD!

We have met with the Director and Manager of Ebenezer Children’s Home to discuss plans for the new Kitchen we will build and what projects we can do when we return this July with a Short-Term Mission Trip Team! (Will YOU begin praying about coming with us to serve the Lord and these precious children and pastors?)

Please pray for our journey home beginning tomorrow the 28th. Thanks so much. (see some photos on my personal FB page, as that was the only way I could upload a few photos).

God BLESS You,

Daniel Gilbert

DAY 7 in Siaya, Kenya

Dear Friends,

Today was one of the most dynamic days we have ever had with the Pastors in my 5 trips here! I can’t describe the move of the Spirit to do what He did justice. Let me just say, during our morning prayer and worship time the Lord gave me a word to share with the pastors about what God wanted to do for them today and it was to give them victory in their lives and ministries!

It was truly a move from God!

Following that, we moved right into singing the great hymn, “Holy, Holy, Holy” which was one of the most beautiful I have heard as all the Kenyan pastors singing from their hearts! Then I went right into teaching on “The Trinity”, one of The Essentials of the Faith.

Then Pastor Brad Abley led his time with a special time of prayer and prophetic time for several pastors. Again it was a very intimate time with the pastors and then after lunch, because there is great misunderstanding of the gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy and the office of prophet, Brad taught on 1 Corinthians 14. It was a tremendous time of training.

These pastors are so eager to learn and grow in the wisdom and knowledge of God and sound doctrine, but also desire to learn how to apply it in their lives.

Thank you for your continued prayers and for your support. God is doing wonderful things here and you play a major part in it! (Sorry for not posting photos again, the internet is really, really slow again!)

God BLESS You,

Daniel Gilbert


Day 3 in Siaya Kenya

Dear Friends & Partners,

Because of you God is already moving here in this region! Yesterday, we spent time with the Director of Ebenezer Children’s Home and African Word Ministries and then we met with 5 of the 6 leaders of the Christian Ministers Fellowship and blessed them with the ESV Bibles and laptops that were donated for them!

Today, I was blessed to preach at one of their churches. It is such a blessing to experience worship in another culture, especially the African culture! I hope many of you will be able to join me to experience it one day.

Directors of the Orphanage Pastor Paul & Vivian O'Chieng

Directors of the Orphanage Pastor Paul & Vivian O’Chieng

As we prepare to start our intensive classes tomorrow, will you agree with me in prayer:

“Dear Lord, Thank You for Your grace and provision for us each day. Thank You for the opportunity to preach Your word and build up the body of Christ here in Kenya. Thank You for the opportunity to educate, equip and empower Pastors with sound theology and biblical studies. Lord, may this week be life changing for the pastors who sacrifice their livelihood to attend. And Lord, we continue to pray over Mary Beth, Maria and Brad’s wife, Maureen. We build a hedge of protection around them and pray for your healing touch upon them even now. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, AMEN!”

Thank you for agreeing with me. Word’s can’t express what they mean to us. As we prayed, please remember Mary Beth and Maria (Maria has been fighting severe headaches since I left and had to go to ER early this morning because of it). It is so hard being away when a loved one is not well. Thank you for praying for them and encouraging them.

God BLESS You,

Daniel & Mary Beth Gilbert

DAY ONE in Kenya!

February 20, 2015

Jambo, Dear Friends!

We made it safe and sound to Nairobi last night – flights all on time and all the luggage arrived! PTL!

We got to our hotel at 11:30 pm after about 24 hours from LAX to Amsterdam to Nairobi, slept for a few hours, had a fast breakfast and got on the road back to the airport in Nairobi, where we are waiting for our flight to Kisumu (1/2 hour flight).

Once we arrive in Kisumu, we go to the store to get all the food for us and for the pastors and leaders for the week. After that, we drive about 1 hour on rough roads to Siaya and at last, we can call that home for the next 8-9 days!

I want to let you know I have been praying Philippians 1:4 for you all with great joy, thanking our Lord for our partnership in the Gospel with me! We are here because of you! THANK YOU!

Will you agree with me in prayer now?

Our gracious, heavenly Father, Thank you for Your traveling mercies and for Your continued traveling mercies for the last leg of our trip to Siaya. Lord, help us be able to buy all the items we need to take care of the pastors and orphans while here. And Lord, help Pastor Brad, John and me to have a wonderful sleep tonight and be rejuvenated to prepare for all the ministry You have for us. Thank You Lord for Your goodness and Thank You Lord for ALL our Partners. BLESS them LORD!

In Jesus’ Name! AMEN!

Thank you again for your prayers and support. I’ll be posting photos and videos regularly on FB and our website (as we have internet access). God BLESS You from Kenya,

Daniel Gilbert