Dr. Gilbert’s Book, “The Big 5” Coming Out in March!

Exciting News!
The Big 5! Discovering the Five Foundations Every Christian Should Know by Dr. Daniel Gilbert has been sent to the publisher and will be out in March!

Yes, I just finished the final edits on my first book, The Big 5.

At this time, it’s with a Hybrid publisher and we are setting up a “Faithlauncher.com” website (like GoFundMe) to give anyone the opportunity to help promote it and get the word out. (I’ll be sending more info out on this book in a few days).

Read what Pastor Brad Abley writes about my book, The Big 5:

The Big 5 by Daniel Gilbert, Ph.D. – What a timely book! What a needed book! And who better to write it than my friend, Dr. Daniel Gilbert? Why do I say that? I have at least three reasons: First, because few people I know of have a greater heart for God’s people than Danny (as I’ve known him, since 1988); his heart for you, the reader, will come through in this book.

Second, Danny is an outstanding, reverent and accurate teacher of God’s Word; you’ll want to read, learn and grow in your faith from an author and teacher like him. And third, Danny’s timing for this book is remarkable; he correctly sees a gaping hole in the body of Christ that needs to be addressed, now – and he does a marvelous job doing that with The Big 5. My prayer is that many will read The Big 5 and adopt what he expertly communicates in it. Please share this with others!”

-Brad Matthew Abley, M.Div.
Pastor, Author & Religious Broadcaster

Another Exciting Announcement will be posted this Weekend! Be watching!


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