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(NEW) The Big 5: Discovering the 5 Foundations of the Faith


In this seminar, Dr. Gilbert teaches on the 5 essential foundations of the Christian Faith. As the world continues to influence the church away from the truth in the Word of God, what do we do to reverse this trend? Learning these “Big 5” will help every believer become more confident in his or her faith and knowing what you believe and then help discern whether other teachings are sound biblically or not.

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The Names of God: Experience a New Light through His Names


In this seminar, you will not only discover the numerous Names of God, you will experience God in a new light through His Names. Your daily prayer life will be transformed. The way you look at life and live life will be drastically different as you get to know and experience the Glorious Creator through the Names He reveals Himself through the ages.  

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The Transforming Power of the Blood


In this seminar, you will discover the biblical and historical significance of sacrifice, covenant, and the central ingredient, blood and how the blood, when understood and applied in your life will bring eternal transformation. You will learn why there is power in blood, how to receive this power and how to apply the work of Jesus’ sacrifice in your life.

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The Transforming Power of the Holy Spirit


In this seminar, you will discover the Person, Power and Presence of God. Who the Holy Spirit is? Is He the “Force” or “Energy” of God or is He the Third Person of the Holy Trinity?  What is the role and purpose of the Holy Spirit in your life?  And, how can you know and experience the Holy Spirit and His Power in your daily life?  You will not only learn theological concepts, but practical principles and tools to experience the Holy Spirit.

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The Transforming Power of Forgiveness


In this seminar, you will discover how forgiveness transforms your life.  Have you ever been hurt? Why is forgiveness so important? How can I really forgive when I’ve been deeply wounded? Dealing with hurt is hard, but realizing the spiritual, emotional and physical impact unforgiveness has upon us. You will learn biblical concepts, practical principles and tools to experience the Power of Forgiveness and begin to live the life you were created to live.

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EmPowering Your Marriage Today


In this weekend conference, Daniel and Mary Beth, teach, minister and counsel couples in key areas to empower your marriage to new heights!  Couples will have fun and be challenged to grow in areas of communication, love languages, finances, intimacy, and other important areas to make your marriage stronger.  

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